Halali Tapes

by Secrets Of The 45

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“This album is a combination of two of my obsessions: thrift store tapes and nature, and here particularly hunting. I found a tape of songs about hunting in a thrift store and that gave me an idea. The 4 long compositions here, constructed from slowed down hunting songs, tape hiss, wildlife sounds, self-hypnosis tapes and hunting trumpet signals, are supposed to picture the majesty and mystery of a primeval forest. This was my first album which I dare call professional.” SOT45

”Halali” sets the mood with amassed wildlife sounds and hunting trumpets. “Hubert’s passion interrupted”shimmers with gentle choirs, trumpets answer from great distance, then suddenly a playful accordion appears, only to be overtaken by echoing birds and looped Halali. “Leibolmai” starts with overlayed self-hypnosis tape and changes the atmosphere to heavy, more sinister – a disjointed drum loop plays in the background, accompanied by strange jazz outbursts. Bass rolls over and suddenly the trumpets and voices join in again for the finale. “Omnigymnospermia” a 20-minute monster-track starts again with mutated strings, playful songs mixed with unsettling bubbling primeval voices, then settling for a hypnotizing trumpet loop, with wild birds, foxes and slowed down clarinets and saxophones in a droning mini-orchestra.

Jan Strach creates a lot of music in bands and solo under many pseudonyms, all of which is available here:


released January 1, 2007

Jan Strach - everything




Secrets Of The 45 Poznań, Poland

SOT 45 creates soundscapes using field recordings, found sound, recycled sound, unmusical sound.

SOT 45 explores the areas of drone music, concrete music, single-source music, tape music, sound sculpture, plunderphonics.

SOT 45 draws inspiration from art, myths, religion, folklore, psychology, occultism, literature.
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